First week in Argentina (Córdoba)

After an intense tiring 1.5 days in Buenos Aires, I headed to the National airport (Aeroparque Jorge Newbery) to catch my flight to Córdoba. The taxi ride there I spoke Spanish with the taxi driver and somehow understood everything! I suppose my Spanish is better than I thought. I also got a “tour” of Buenos Aires through all the barrios (districts) that I will explore on my own in a few weeks! Once I got to the airport the people at LAN airlines were so nice and allowed my 5 extra Kilos without paying! I just had to show the woman my ticket from Germany to Argentina to prove I came from Europe, and then she let it go! Something like this would never fly in European Airports. People are more chilled over here. The flight was delayed 2 hours but we finally took off! The flight was nice and short.

When I arrived, I saw on the screen that most flights to Córdoba had been canceled due to the volcano in Chile. I was very lucky that I arrived without a problem! I walked out of the gate and didn’t see anyone waiting for me. For a minute I panicked but then I got a phone call from Maria, the woman my dad will do business in the future with. She said she was at the airport and then we found each other. She was so nice, helped me out by calling my roommate, and waited with me until my ride showed up.  I finally got picked up by a man working at my agency and he took me to my apartment. My roommates are nice! They are 26 and 28 and a couple. They don’t speak any English or German though so I am forced to speak Spanish all the time which is good.

On the next day it was Sunday and they had an “Asado” here. This is a fancy word for an Argentinian BBQ. About 10 people showed up and I helped set up on the rooftop. We grilled vegetables for me, and my roommate’s mother made some delicious salads suitable for a vegetarian! But as most of you know Argentina is famous for their meat. I have NEVER seen SO MUCH meat in my life! I swear, it seemed as if 10 people ate 5 animals. The meat kept coming and coming! I have to admit it did look and smell good, but not enough to tempt me yet. It was fun to talk to people though and enjoy the sun and good food. Afterwards there was a soccer game, Córdoba vs. Buenos Aires and unexpectedly Córdoba won! After the win I heard fireworks going off, cars honking their horn, chaos in the streets! South Americans take their football very seriously I suppose!

The language course began the next day. I walked to class, it took about 30 minutes, but it was even scary to cross the street! You really have to watch out here! My class is 4 hours a day. Theoretical Spanish from 9-12 then we have a break until 1 PM, afterwards we have 1 hour of “hands-on training” This lesson takes place for example in a supermarket or a pharmacy so we learn all the words from these places. There’s one other guy in my “class” from Bielefeld. He is nice and cool, but not really interested in being social and meeting people like I am. After class we usually go to lunch together and chat for a few hours before heading home.

Life is great here though. People are so friendly, always willing to help and speak Spanish slowly to me so that I understand. They also seem so interested to know where I am from and what I am doing here. Two days ago, my shoe laces ripped, and my roommate took me to this window, yes literally a window where I asked for shoelaces, and the lady got some for me I paid my 4 pesos and then she said adios and closed her window. The supermarkets are different too. I have to ask for which vegetables I want and a man picks them out for me then weighs them. That’s the same with cheese, a lady takes a huge piece of cheese and cuts how many ever grams you want and weighs it. The Argentinians love their bread and sweet stuff. It seems everywhere I go everything is with bread or sugar. I am doing my best to keep vegetables a part of my daily diet! But to be honest, being a vegetarian here is not easy. There are options but most of the vegetarian food I have tried is not very good.

Another crazy thing I see on a daily basis is a horse carriage going by on my street. I suppose they are picking up bottles or transporting something, but its funny hearing the horses walk by every so often. To take a warm shower or a shower at all I have to turn the water on in the shower, then in the sink in the kitchen and then wait a few minutes before it works. It’s confusing!  Once in a while a “talking car” goes by, literally a car with speakers taped to the top. I assume it’s some kind of advertising, but I have never seen anything like it. Other than that there’s lots of wild dogs running around, people crossing the street in the middle of cars, and lots more craziness here. None of these are complaints, just observations I’ve made. I am most definitely enjoying myself and look forward to what’s next! That’s it for now! Adios

Some pictures:

View over CórdobaLa CatedralEn el Centro de CórdobaMi primera asado!Amazing sunset on our rooftop!


One response to “First week in Argentina (Córdoba)

  1. Barbara Grandma

    Hi Natalie
    so glad you made it safely. I enjoyed your blog. Keep writing.
    Love Grandma and Gramps

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