A few things I love about Argentina

After spending nearly 3 months in Argentina I thought it would be a nice idea to write the things and customs that I very much enjoy here. Some of these apply to Argentina in general and others, particularly Córdoba.

I love how people tend to be friendly and helpful even if there is a language barrier. I haven’t experienced any rude people (In Córdoba) yet.

I love how the Argentinians tend to be “nocturnal”, people here tend to go to bed later than in the other countries I’ve lived in, and prefer sleeping in. I like that as I am not a morning person! Also a night out starts with dinner around 10/11,then heading to a bar around 12:30/1 and then to a club from 2-5 A.M. No hours of the night wasted. I love it!

Mate! Mate is more than just a drink, it’s a ritual here. The Argentinians like to load up their Mates, sit together and pass it around while eating some Alfajores or criollitos, etc. It’s a social gathering especially between lunch and dinner time (around 5-7 PM) all the parks and city squares are filled with people having Mate, Its fantastic!

The weather! (In Córdoba). When I decided to come to Argentina during winter I was a bit upset to be missing out on summer, but I don’t think I have experienced one day of rain since I have been here! The sun is shining almost every day and the climate is dry, so it’s great for breathing!! It’s not even very cold here and people spend a lot of time outside.

The buses. I know weird right? Usually I don’t like buses, but there are some pretty comfortable air conditioned buses that I’ve taken to nearby cities, the mountains, etc. I have not yet been on a long distance bus, but I have heard that the “cama suite” (bed suite) is rather luxurious!

Two words: Fernet and Cola!! The national drink of Argentina (particularly Córdoba), I love it, and I also find Fernet Menta and Sprite a great combination!

The Italian food. I know I am not in Italy here, but if it weren’t for the Italian food I don’t think I would survive here as a vegetarian! The pizza is probably some of the best I’ve ever had in the world (sorry Italy), and the helado (ice cream) is FOR SURE the best I have had in the world, I know this because I am not a fan of ice cream, and even I find it delicious here!

That’s it for now. Of course there are many things I love about Argentina, these are just a few!


2 responses to “A few things I love about Argentina

  1. Hi Nat a very informative blog. Grandpa would sure enjoy the ice cream.
    LOVe from beautiful San Jose. Great summer. Not even hot.
    Take care Love grandma and Gramps

  2. Love that shopping for Fernet! Wonder if I can pick some up at BevMo here in the States?

    Cheers- daddy-o

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