English and Mate

When I arrived to Córdoba in June I asked the man working at my agency ways I could get to know more people here. One of the interns told me about “English and Mate” and to look it up on Facebook then join the group. I did just that, and decided to go one cold winter day. I took my German friend Desiree with me because I didn’t want to go alone to an apartment of someone I hadn’t met before.  A lot of people showed up and we all went around in a circle introducing ourselves.

When it was my turn I said “Hi, I am Natalie, 22 years old originally from Northern California, but I have been living and studying in Germany the past three years. I came to Argentina for an internship and will stay in Córdoba for a one month intensive language course, and then I will move to Buenos Aires for three months where I will do my internship.”  After I introduced myself, Jeff the creator of English and Mate said something like “Buenos Aires huh? Ha, yeah we will check in with her in a month.” It was quite ironic because a month later I did end up returning to Córdoba from Buenos Aires!

English and Mate was started by Jeff Weiser, an American from Philadelphia who has lived the past 2 or so years here in Córdoba. His vision was to start a group where Argentinians could get together and practice their English together. Over time it has become an English speaking community for people from all over the world, and a possibility to learn more about Argentinian culture.

English and Mate is the highlight of my weeks here. We meet on Thursdays at 7 PM in a central part of the city: La plaza de la intendencia(or an apartment depending on the weather!). At this time, the plaza is usually filled with young people hanging out drinking Maté. Usually between 15-40 people attend English and Mate, depending on the weather.  The warmer it is, the more the people show up. We sit and drink mate, and speak about certain topics for about 2 hours in English. The group is made up of about 50% Argentinians and 50% foreigners from all parts of the world, especially Europeans and US-Americans. It’s a great group because it allows people to practice their English, and meet other cool people. I have made a lot of really nice friends from English and Mate!

Afterwards we always walk together to a bar and have “Español y cerveza”. I try my best to use this opportunity to improve my Spanish and enjoy some beer. It’s fun and once in a while we continue to a boliche (club) to keep the party going!

If you ever come to Córdoba, Argentina you MUST check this group out! You won’t regret it! I don´t know what I am going to do without my English and Mate Thursdays!

Some pictures:

Plaza de la intendencia – Where English and Mate takes place

English and Mate

Cerveza y español

Check out the website here:

Check out and become a fan of the Facebook page here:


3 responses to “English and Mate

  1. hey Natalie , you almost made me cry,…i truly believe you describe The English and Mate guys perfectly… it´s been just 3 weeks since i started going there …(Thanks to Nata Franco) and I really enjoy it. I did not have the chance to meet you as i wanted because the moment i started going to the meetings you left =(.. if u come back in the near future you will be more than welcome.. to dring mate and improve your spanish .. good luck Natalie..
    besoosss desde Córdoba, Argentina..=)

    • Hi Celeste!

      Thanks for the sweet comment!It has touched me! hhehe. Im glad you enjoyed the read and love English and Mate as much as i do! 🙂
      I’m still here in Cordoba for a few more weeks so I am sure we will meet at a meeting soon!
      take care xx

  2. *drink mate.. spelling mistake.. =(
    see u soon natalie.. enjoy your stay in Chile..i´ve never been there.. hope u really have fun…
    no vemos cuando vuelvas.. que disfrutes muchoo.. =)

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