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24 Hours without Facebook

A few days ago I deactivated my Facebook for 24 hours. I did it because I was frustrated with all the errors Facebook has been having lately. I also spend a lot of time on Facebook so I decided it would be nice to take a break and make a little “experiment” out of it. After these 24 hours were up, I realized how much of a Facebook addict I really am. Of course I am not going to get rid of Facebook forever, its too much of a valuable network to just avoid. I was often wondering if people were trying to get a hold of me but then again I also have an Email address, Skype, and a telephone number, so it really shouldn’t be hard to reach me. I did however receive a few emails, and text messages from people asking me if “everything is alright” and “what happened to your Facebook?” I find it amusing and at the same time flattering that people seemed concerned because my Facebook was shut off.

What I noticed during these 24 hours is that I was still on the computer for a while. Just because I wasn’t on Facebook doesn’t mean that I wasn’t on Skype, MSN, Couchsurfing or checking my Gmail every few hours. I do realize though that today more people tend to check their Facebooks than their E-mail. I personally have nothing against E-mail, I find it good, private and professional, but people in this generation are easier to reach on Facebook.Luckily you and I are not the only ones addicted to Facebook.

Facebook is an amazing social network despite their frighteningly accurate advertisement placement. I love the fact that when I post photos my friends and family can see them and write comments, jokes or “like” it. Of course you can do that on other websites like Flickr, but not everyone has a Flickr account. Many people tend to complain about how Facebook has access to their photos, information etc. Well if you have private photos or information you don’t want to share, then DON’T POST IT ON FACEBOOK! Problem solved. I am also not so big on the news, but because of Facebook and what my fellow Facebook friends post on their walls, I never miss an important event or newsflash.

A few days before I deactivated my Facebook one of my friends accidentally broke my Smart-phone (Nokia N97). I realized also from this experience how dependent we are on our technology. Sure a smart-phone is unnecessary, but it makes life easier. Why have a normal phone when you can have a phone with E-mail, Skype, Facebook, a good quality camera, and even navigation on it. Its amazing how far we have come with Technology today. I even heard Nokia has released a phone that converts body heat into battery power. What will they think of next?!

So my last word. Never forget how lucky we are that we have the internet,Facebook,Smart-phones, etc. I cant even imagine what life was like when my parents were growing up. No internet, no cell phones, how could one survive? I challenge you, if you are a Facebook addict, try just to give it up for one day. Don’t just log out, deactivate it. It sounds easier than it is. You will be surprised how liberating it is to feel “disconnected” from the world for a few hours.