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A few things I love about Argentina

After spending nearly 3 months in Argentina I thought it would be a nice idea to write the things and customs that I very much enjoy here. Some of these apply to Argentina in general and others, particularly Córdoba.

I love how people tend to be friendly and helpful even if there is a language barrier. I haven’t experienced any rude people (In Córdoba) yet.

I love how the Argentinians tend to be “nocturnal”, people here tend to go to bed later than in the other countries I’ve lived in, and prefer sleeping in. I like that as I am not a morning person! Also a night out starts with dinner around 10/11,then heading to a bar around 12:30/1 and then to a club from 2-5 A.M. No hours of the night wasted. I love it!

Mate! Mate is more than just a drink, it’s a ritual here. The Argentinians like to load up their Mates, sit together and pass it around while eating some Alfajores or criollitos, etc. It’s a social gathering especially between lunch and dinner time (around 5-7 PM) all the parks and city squares are filled with people having Mate, Its fantastic!

The weather! (In Córdoba). When I decided to come to Argentina during winter I was a bit upset to be missing out on summer, but I don’t think I have experienced one day of rain since I have been here! The sun is shining almost every day and the climate is dry, so it’s great for breathing!! It’s not even very cold here and people spend a lot of time outside.

The buses. I know weird right? Usually I don’t like buses, but there are some pretty comfortable air conditioned buses that I’ve taken to nearby cities, the mountains, etc. I have not yet been on a long distance bus, but I have heard that the “cama suite” (bed suite) is rather luxurious!

Two words: Fernet and Cola!! The national drink of Argentina (particularly Córdoba), I love it, and I also find Fernet Menta and Sprite a great combination!

The Italian food. I know I am not in Italy here, but if it weren’t for the Italian food I don’t think I would survive here as a vegetarian! The pizza is probably some of the best I’ve ever had in the world (sorry Italy), and the helado (ice cream) is FOR SURE the best I have had in the world, I know this because I am not a fan of ice cream, and even I find it delicious here!

That’s it for now. Of course there are many things I love about Argentina, these are just a few!