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Santiago de Chile

I spent 6 days in the end of September in Chile and 4 of them in Santiago de Chile. I needed to leave Argentina so I didn’t overstay my legal 3 months there (tourist visa!).

I was lucky I had a friend (through another friend) in Santiago who offered to have me stay at his place and show me around Santiago! During the time I was in Chile the Universities were still protesting for a free education,which had been going on for more than 2 months already. To my luck my friends in Chile and their friends had a lot of free time to show me around and have fun,but I believe Chile should finally have free education like their Argentinian neighbors. Its crazy and many students have been literally living in their faculties to make a statement!

Anyhow I enjoyed Santiago, I found the city very beautiful at the base of the Andes mountains and also not far from pacific coast. I did however find the common city people much ruder than the Argentinians. People seemed to push me out of the way when I got on the bus, and just weren’t overall very friendly. But of course, my friends are and I had a great time!

Enjoy the pictures.. the highlights of my trip to Santiago

Drinking Terremotos (Earthquakes) literally White wine, Fernet and pineapple ice cream.. one of those and I was finished!

University Protests

The view from above!

The Scary funicular ride!

Some more pictures

…..and the BEST part (although a bit bumpy!)

Flying over the Andes!

I took a video!