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Why Buenos Aires?

Many of you are probably wondering why I chose Buenos Aires for my internship. So I have decided to make a list and explain why.

1) I want to improve and master my Spanish! Why not Spain? explanation below!

2) I want to get out of Europe, North America and see a new continent! This world is too big and beautiful to miss out on.

3)There are many Spanish speaking countries in South America, but I want to learn the Rioplatense dialect! I find that this dialect of Spanish is absolutely fantastic!

4) Buenos Aires is the Capital and largest Metropolitan in Argentina with about 13 million inhabitants. I love big cities, so much to see and do!

5) Ive heard that Buenos Aires is considered the “Paris of the south” or “the most European city in South America” and I feel like it would be a good idea to “ease into Latin America” instead of having a culture shock to death 😉

6) One last word: TANGO!!!

Thanks for reading ! xx